The Fruit of Life by Davide Swarup & Erich Lehna

Davide Swarup and Erich Lehna met in March 2016.
This is the recording of the first time that they played together.

It was a meditation concert. Between the tracks,the audience were listening to the silence between the music and the „words“.

The event it is called: Silent concert with Sindhu Fleri, guiding the audience trough meditation and be present.
1. Breath 32:56
2. Listen 13:10
3. Play 28:16
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LEHNA New maxi release HOT KISSES on Bandcamap

☞ https://lehna.bandcamp.com/album/hot-kisses

Hot kisses is a case study. A project out of my „normal“ activities as guitar player. It cross borders and mix electronic, drum and bass and song styles to an unique sound and music experience.
Its a journey witch covers more than 4 years of developing sounds, riffs and beats. And its for sure about love…

See all my releases on BANDCAMP ☞ https://lehna.bandcamp.com



THE ACOUSTICTRANCE is a project from Erich Lehna ( guitars, sounds and programming ).

erich-git-st petersburg erich lehna live b+w IMG_3050

I’ve always wanted to do something different in music. Difficult in this time where it’s all been played. With THE ACOUSTICTRANCE I already had my target very close.

My musical tastes have always Trance, World and acoustic music.

With different lineups and guests i perform under the label of THE ACOUSTICTRANCE live ambient and world-trance music.

The mission is: let the crowd dance!

The musical range inclosed middle east sounding ambient melodies and groovy danceable beats. The melody lines out of the modern world music pool like celtic and arabian style are mixed with elements from jazz and trance combined with computer support for beats and soundsscapes creating a very uniquely music experience.


As guests i work with musicians and dancers ( „hello Amayama Malu + Joem“) from different countries and styles.

dancer1dancer2stage1dunes1dance show flyer



Erich Lehna guitar, Gregorio Zuckanelli didgeridoo, percussion.

Erich Lehna guitar, Kooldeep (Bhollu) didgeredoo, percussion with Amayama



To find out more about Erich’s (Lehna’s) other projects like Drum’n Bass electronic music, music for meditation and his studio work visit ☞ www.elephantlaunch.de.


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